Environmental Recycling

Achieve Your Zero Landfill Goals

Patriot ERD makes its clients in manufacturing, processing, and energy Greener. The company’s expert consultants have years of reducing waste management expenses and risk. They can cut your carbon footprint, lower your landfill use, and improve your company image.

  • Gain more transparency in waste management
  • Reduce generator status
  • Consolidate vendors
Patriot ERD

Keeping You on Top of Regulations

Patriot’s team brings you 50+ years of proven environmental services, recycling, and beneficial reuse. They continuously adapt to changing regulations and to the client’s manufacturing processes and byproducts. You can meet EPA and DOT regulations while accomplishing zero landfill goals. Patriot ERD serves a wide variety of manufacturing, energy production, and chemical refining.

Recycle Your Way to Zero Landfill

As one of Indiana’s premier waste management firms, Patriot ERD brings the experience to solve any waste management problem. With decades of proven experience, their expert team knows how to cut your costs with innovative new uses for waste byproducts.

  • Increase sustainability
  • Lower landfill impact
  • Reduce risk and costs
  • Achieve your green goals
  • Improve community relations
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You will be more ‘Green’ with more recycling, lower landfill use, and a lower carbon footprint. Patriot’s experts can help you reduce risk and gain more transparency in your waste management processes.

Full-Service Recycling

Patriot ERD


  • Cement manufacturing
  • Tier 1 & 2 auto manufacturers
  • Power and energy
  • Mineral processing
  • Petroleum refining
  • Chemical refining
  • Catalyst manufacturing
  • Plating & finishing
Patriot ERD

Metals Expertise

  • Ferrous & non-ferrous recovery and management
  • Aluminum extrusions
  • Primary aluminum mfg
  • Primary steel mills
  • Specialty steel and alloy mills
  • Developing new markets
Patriot ERD

Turnkey Services

  • Flexible and reliable
  • Legacy sites
  • Site closures
  • Demolition site cleanup and recovery
  • Plant closures
  • Confidential, secure solutions
  • Certified destruction